Professional Cannabis Security Executive (PCSE)

Professional Cannabis Security Executive (PCSE) is the fourth in the series of course. This course is currently under development, and is slated for 40 total hours, broken into four segments (8 hours, 8 hours, 8 hours, and a final 16 hours) over a one month period. Participants will identify an issue their company, or the industry, is facing and, working individually or in small groups, develop a plan and proposal to address the issue, and present their proposal to industry stakeholders (the class) in a detailed presentation. Prerequisites include completion of PCSO, possession of a BSIS QM designation or holder of a valid PPO, and a letter of intent and dedication to complete the course and advance the security aspect of the cannabis industry, written on agency letterhead and dated within 1 month of application to the PCSE course, as well as one letter of recommendation from an industry executive who has known the applicant in their executive capacity for at least one year.